6 mai 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Ambassadors show others how to achieve more with less

Henkel trains 2,000 Employees as Sustainability Ambassadors

Through the Ambassador Program, Henkel aims to establish a wider understanding of sustainability among the general public. Since 2012, Henkel has trained 2,000 ambassadors.

Henkel aims to triple the value that it creates compared with the environmental footprint of its products and technologies by 2030. This ambitious goal aims to ensure that society continues living well and within the limits of the planet.

Like every company, every individual can contribute to a more sustainable future through his or her behavior. For example, personal decisions have a significant impact on the amount of energy, water and other resources that individuals consume. 

Thus, to raise sustainability awareness among the general public, Henkel developed the Ambassador Program in 2012. The program ensures that Henkel employees have a clear understanding of sustainability and enable them to convey the importance of sustainability to others.

Since launching the program, Henkel has trained 2,000 Ambassadors, including all Management Board members, in 55 countries.

Ambassadors raise awareness at primary schools in 32 countries

As part of the program, trained ambassadors visit primary schools and explain to students how individuals can make a personal contribution to sustainability. Since 2012, Henkel Ambassadors have visited more than 17,000 students in 32 countries.

The program will be developed further in 2014

Henkel will continue rolling out the Ambassador Program globally through 2014. “Our employees are our most important source when it comes to creating more sustainable solutions and raising awareness of the topic,” said Kathrin Menges, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Chairwoman of the Henkel Sustainability Council. “Hence their understanding of and commitment to sustainability is indispensable in order to live our strategy and achieve our goals.”

In addition to training new Ambassadors, Henkel will intensify its collaboration with partners along the value chain. Working with retail partners, for example, Henkel plans to engage more consumers on the topic of sustainability and explain how products can be used in an environmentally responsible way.