9 mai 2014  Scottsdale, AZ

Henkel supports Walmart’s laundry compaction initiative

Henkel supports Walmart’s recently announced laundry compaction initiative to partner with manufacturers to cut the amount of water by 25 percent in each dose of liquid laundry detergent by 2018. This effort aligns with Henkel’s long-term sustainability strategy to achieve more with less. Henkel understands the demand on limited natural resources and established its dedication to sustainability over 50 years ago. Sustainability remains one of the company’s five core values.

The laundry compaction effort, announced by Walmart at its first-ever Sustainable Product Expo held in Bentonville, Ark., offers benefits to consumers and the environment. Henkel actively looks for ways to innovate our products and supply chains and build sustainability partnerships worldwide.

By 2030, Henkel aims to triple the value it creates for the footprint made by its operations, products and services. Over the past eleven years, the company has cut water and energy consumption by 51 percent and 44 percent per ton of production, respectively, and reduced waste by 47 percent per ton of production. Since 2009, Henkel has been a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium, a partnership between corporations, universities and NGOs to develop standards for assessing consumer product sustainability across the supply chain and product lifecycle.