5 févr. 2015  Rocky Hill, Conn.

Research-Based Book Offers Roadmap to Distributors on Using Digital Tools to Gain Strategic Advantage

Henkel Executive Publishes “Becoming a Digital Distributor: Strategies and Tools that Create Value”

It’s no secret that digital tools have had a great impact on the way we live, but what about the way we work? Mark Dancer, Vice President of Global Channel Management at Henkel Corporation, addresses this question for distributors in his new book, Becoming a Digital Distributor: Strategies and Tools That Create Value. Dancer’s book addresses how crucial it is for distributors to get on board with digital tools.

The research-based book focuses on five key digital tools: e-commerce, social media, advanced analytics, mobility, and customer relationship management, as well as multichannel solutions. Dancer has found that instead of just adding value, each tool can create value for distributors, especially when used in combination.

This guide, published by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) through its NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence, contains almost 250 quotes from distributors. As a channel leader with a strong tradition of working with distributors, Henkel Corporation’s Adhesive Technologies business was able to play a part in the research.

“Several of our distributors contributed their ideas and experiences to our research, and we are grateful to have their input,” says Mark. “This book is about research from distributors, for distributors and we appreciate the opportunity to help the industry move forward, strengthening the value chain. Ultimately, distributors, manufacturers and most importantly customers will benefit from the adoption and use of digital tools.”

The adoption of digital tools is inevitable, but distributors can find value and competitive advantage in the smart adoption and use of these tools. Distributors can order copies of Becoming a Digital Distributor: Strategies and Tools That Create Value at http://www.naw.org/digital. For more information please contact NAW’s Tara Mostatab at tmostatab@naw.org or 202.872.0885.