24 janv. 2017

Henkel to Showcase Broad Range of Enabling Electronic Materials at IPC APEX Expo 2017

New Henkel Materials Push beyond Conventional Limits, Improve Reliability and Performance

At next month’s IPC APEX Expo (APEX) event in San Diego, California, Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ electronics business will display a full range of state-of-the-art electronic materials, all designed to push the conventional limits of performance capability.  From February 14 through 16 in booth #1501, Henkel’s line of game-changing solder, encapsulant, underfill and thermal materials will be on show.

Advanced Solder Materials

Introduced to the market in 2015, Henkel’s game-changing, temperature stable LOCTITE GC materials have upended the solder paste market with a platform that offers tremendous stability on the line, simplified transport, room-temperature storage and proven performance advantages. No-clean LOCTITE GC 10 and water-soluble LOCTITE GC 3W have increased productivity and performance, lowering costs for manufacturers worldwide. Recent independent, third-party testing confirms the advantage over competitive pastes and the Henkel team will gladly share the findings with show attendees.

Making its debut at APEX is another solder material in the water-washable family: LOCTITE HF 2W. This tin-lead formulation delivers a wide process window, allowing for reflow at high temperature and robust joint formation between the tin-lead paste and lead-free components. With excellent fine-pitch compatibility and a flexible post-assembly residue cleaning window of up to seven days, LOCTITE HF 2W meets the requirements of demanding applications while delivering process flexibility.  

Cooling and Masking TECHNOMELT Materials

Known for simplified processing and exceptional device protection, the TECHNOMELT portfolio continues to expand on material functionality. The latest formulations, TECHNOMELT TC 50 and TECHNOMELT AS 8998, underscore these development efforts. TECHNOMELT TC 50 is a thermally conductive hot melt that provides the ability to encapsulate and cool devices with a single material. Well-suited for applications such as LED drivers, automotive electronics, solar inverters, power supplies and camera modules, TECHNOMELT TC 50 has a thermal conductivity of >0.5 W/m-K to allow for heat dissipation through the encapsulating layer.   

To streamline the masking process, Henkel has formulated a peelable, precise, dispensable TECHNOMELT material that dramatically increases productivity and lowers cost. TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is new and efficient replacement for manually-applied tapes used to mask areas of the PCB prior to coating processes. With TECHNOMELT AS 8998, the material can be precisely deposited via automated dispensing equipment, solidifies upon cooling and cleanly releases from various substrates.   Visit Henkel booth #1501 to learn more about the latest TECHNOMELT materials and to see live low pressure molding demonstrations.

Liquid Dispensed Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Henkel’s BERGQUIST brand thermal management materials are world-renowned for superior, reliability-enhancing performance. And, the company’s development efforts continue to focus on efficient and effective heat control, even as device designs become thinner, higher-functioning and more complex.  

Henkel’s liquid dispensed TIMs are not only delivering exceptional gap filling properties for robust thermal control, but are allowing automation and higher throughput with the use of automated dispensing systems. With a wide range of thermal conductivities (from 1.0 W/m-K to 4.0 W/m-K) and base chemistries (silicone, non-volatile and non-silicone), BERGQUIST brand liquid TIMs are facilitating development freedom for designers of next-generation devices.

Henkel technology specialists invite all APEX show delegates to learn more about these advanced materials and the company’s next-generation development initiatives. To schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to electronics@henkel.com. For more information about Henkel’s complete product line, visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/electronics.